About Us


IdeniTees is the promotion of a collective voice, force, movement to express self-acceptance and pride for all people of color.  My melanin rich grandmother would say "If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday."


YESTERDAY in 1712 Willie Lynch wrote a letter to slave owners titled the Making of the Slaves.  One technique that he recommended to regain control of the slaves was to plant discord between the light skinned and dark skinned slaves.  He stated if this technique is done appropriately it will have a lasting impact for at least 300 years.

TODAY 2017 makes 305 years and light skinned vs. dark skinned continues to be a plague in the African American community.  

What I learned from attending Auntee Oprah's show on colorism in 2012 is this is an illness in the Latino, Indian, Asia, and many other communities as well.  

IdeniTees first collection is Melanin.  Melanin will shine a light on embracing every hue, every shade and by doing so we are illuminating the brilliance of God's creation.  

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